This famous, old, established house is one of the limited number still solely owned. controlled and directed by the immediate family of the founder. Though tracing its origin back to 1860, the first Sohmer piano was actually built in 1872, when Hugo Sohmer founded the firm of Sohmer & Co., in New York.

Present officers of the company are: Harry J. Sobmer, Jr., pres. Robert H. Sohmer, secy.-treasurer and production engineer; Gustav Fink, Jr., vice-pres., manufacturing. Tone was the object of Hugo Sohmer's research, and the same unique tonal quality is found in every Sohmer piano that is built today in the thoroughly modern Sohmer factory located at 31st Avenue and Vernon Boulevard, "Sohmerville," Long Island City.

Harry J. Sohmer, Jr., grandson of the founder, was elected president in 1971 succeeding his father, the late Harry J. Sohmer, insuring continuity of family ownership and control of the 102-year-old firm. Harry Sohmer, Jr. not only served his apprenticeship in the various departments in the time-honored Sohmer procedure, but also has had an exhaustive technical education. embracing the various phases of acoustics and their application. Robert H. Sohmer, second son of Harry J. Sohmer and grandson of the founder in addition to his duties as secretary-treasurer, is also purchasing agent and production engineer. Although Robert's education has been along financial lines, and he now specializes in that department, he too has followed tradition and learned the art of the piano maker from the ground up.

Sohmer occupied an entire building constructed to its special requirements at 21 West 57th Street, New York 10019, in an atmosphere attracting connoisseurs of the arts. On display are pianos representative of the finest furniture styles; each model is a decorative accomplishment and a fine musical instrument. Despite the success of its console, Sohmer has always been and always will be a Grand Piano House. Sohmer invented the baby grand in 1884; ever since, Sohmer grands have had a dominating role in the home market. The Sohmer grand is remarkable for its volume and resonance of tone despite its diminutive size-S feet long and 4 feet five inches wide. Hugo Sohmer patented the first 5-foot grand in 1884, and today’s Style 50 grand is the logical development of this pioneer effort. Sohmer's 89 years of continuous improvement of one model is typical of its pursuit of perfection; the Sohmer family states, without reservation or exception, that no other small grand approximates the Sohmer in tone and response. Sohmer alone among all great pianos has never entered the competition for artist endorsement; therefore, Sohmer prices do not bear the added burden of artist exploitation. Prices reflect only the cost of a top-ranking piano as made in a particularly efficient factory.

The famous Sohmer creed is: "To build the finest piano that human integrity, skill, knowledge, craftsmanship, and family tradition can possible produce; to utilize the world's markets to procure the best materials regardless of cost; to maintain that quality unswervingly, and never to sacrifice one iota to gain an added profit, no matter how great; to preserve the integrity and individuality of the Sohmer institution free from outside affiliation or influences; and to he governed always and under all circumstances by sound principles and never by expediency."